Working in the United States as a Nurse has never been easier!

Nursing Jobs in USA specializes in recruiting and placing foreign Registered Nurses with prestigious U.S. hospitals where they receive competitive wages and benefits. Our nurses receive personal attention during the immigration and licensing process and enter the U.S. with Green Cards.
We do not charge any placement fees.
We need nurses with experience in all hospital specialties including Critical Care - Accident/Emergency - Peri-Operative - Pediatrics - Neonatal Intensive Care - Intensive care Oncology - Neuroscience Medical & Surgical - Observation Ward - Recovery - Cardiac - Surgical Orthopedic.

  • Nurses must have ability to work as a fully supporting member of the health care team.

  • Nurses must hold current RN registration with relevant clinical experience.

  • Nurses MUST have passed either the CGFNS or the NCLEX-RN.

Apply today and let us guide you along the path to a green card and employment at one of America's top healthcare facilities!
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